Is the break up permanent or temporary in his mind?

My bf of over a year & I broke up almost 3 weeks ago. He's had depression since about 5 months into the relationship & it was only a problem when he gets into a depressive phase (it isn't a constant state) & gets very distant. About 2 weeks before we broke up he told me he felt much worse than usual but I figured he would snap out of it like always because he was still being sweet & loving to me & telling me how happy I made him. However one night he called me out of the blue in the middle of a breakdown & was saying things like he can't do this anymore, didn't get how I was happy with him & was A MESS. This came out of nowhere!! He told me he didn't want to break up but didn't know what was wrong with him so we went on a break. During this time I sent him encouraging and loving texts that he told me made him happy. A few days later he broke up with me in person. He was crying & saying things like he's not happy with anything in his life including us, doesn't feel in love with me, feels like he needs to change everything, and can't stop overthinking things and can't be in a relationship when he's this unstable. But he said he can't think of a single problem with is & can't see himself with anyone else. Since then we talked a few times and were friendly, he said he missed me & doesn't want me out of his life. I saw him for the first time since we broke up today & he told me he wants to be friends and hangout but still doesn't know how he feels or what's wrong with him. He's been in therapy but he's not really improving. he was crying, we hugged a lot, held hands and joked around with each other & laughed, so it wasn't awkward at all. After I left he texted me saying "it was really nice seeing you" & said "next time we should..." So he wants to see each other again. I'm so confused. I'm close with his friends and they say they're worried about him, hardly see him & know he's not even thinking about anyone else. I love him so much & I'm so confused. We were so in love
  • He does love you and wants to be with you but can't feel it because of how messed up he is. He'll come around with time, don't give up he's trying to cope
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  • He does love and want you but you shouldn't wait for him.
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  • He wants this to be over completely. Move on
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  • He is being honest, his head is really not in a good place.
    He needs to put himself first sorry.
    You do what you feel is right, be aware it could go any way


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