Should I text him (my ex) for closure?

Long story short, my ex boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. We didn't date very long but long enough for me to get attached fast. He was an excellent sweet talker and I fell for his illusion. I thought I was over him but I'm not. But the way he broke up with me leaves me pained and in the dark. We were fine up until one moment when I didn't give into what he wanted (I won't go into detail here but I'm sure you guys will understand.) But after I said no, he just vanished. Not a word since. Not even a break up text. Nothing. I've been wanting to text him for closure but it's been 2 months. And he'd probably think I'm pathetic. Am I not even worthy of at least a Break up text? Even that is low. I don't know what to do. I know he probably won't reply or has me blocked or if I texted him, he'd block me, I don't know.

We have known each other for years, even were friends before our relationship so that's what makes it difficult for me to forget and move on. It's hard to accept he's out of my life for good now even though I know it's probably for the best. I do know he's already on dating sites so maybe he needs constant attention and I do know he always had/has to have a girlfriend. I've blocked all communication social wise so I won't see what he's up to. But it's still difficult for me to move on. I don't know to text him or not :( I'm little experienced with relationships as well, so this has hit me way harder than him. I'm the last thing on his mind, since he basically dumped me. So yeah if anyone has any opinions on what I should do, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
It bothers me too because I've seen his recent posts on Facebook and such and he's doing things alone. Like I guess he's happier single than being with me. I know I should move on and forget the D bag but it's just difficult :(


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  • Well to start with you are right , it is for the best. What he did to you is about as low a thing as I have heard so far ; and as you can tell I've been round long enough to see quite a bit. I can understand that by his just pulling his Hudini disappearing act it leaves a lot unanswered questions , that is only fair they receive some explaination. But in all honestly he wouldn't give you those answers because he knows it is eating at you that you don't know. I know he was your friend before the relationship and breakup , and I don't mean to be cruel or anything but he is a douch bag player. And when he didn't get what you couldn't say , he decided he couldn't put a mark beside his conquest and decided the work required was more than he was ready to put forth. Finding better than him shouldn't be any problem for you because his kind are a dime a dozen and the supply of them will never run out. Should you text him? No I don't think you should or it will feed his ego. What I mean by that is he will know how his walking out is getting you. His not hearing from you in my opinion is putting that fire under his ars where it belongs.

    • Omg ^^^^ bless your heart for that. You totally made me feel so much better about this whole thing. Thank you. You are right he is a douchebag. He probably expected me to come crawling back and I'm not going to do it. I know he doesn't give 2 shits about me hence just disappearing so why should I bother even sending him anything. You are right.

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    • I hope so. Like I'm glad I found out what type of guy he is now before it was later on but still. Why claim to like someone for quite some time then disappear when they won't have sex or do what the other person wants asap? Is sex that important that it ruins a relationship? There has to be more. It's like you said before, he didn't get what he wanted and ran away like a spoiled little child.

    • Well I mean the physical part of a relationship is important I get it. But he didn't even try to give me a second chance. He just vanished.

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  • I was in a very very similar situation to you although I don't know what went wrong. It took me a long time to realise that if they are so easily willing to disapear then they weren't genuine to begin with so mark then straight out as a player. Anyone who can't even give an answer isn't worth time being wasted. I however wanted answers especially because I had no idea what was going on and he would pick and choose when to talk to me after that night. I did send a few messages in hopes of getting closure and even told him that I just wanted closure to put my mind at ease.. He never gave it to me. I say spare your dignity and just mark him as a player. Once your feelings dissipate you'll look at it in a different light and you'll be able to pin point his actions and get closure for yourself. Stick it out as hard as it is you'll be okay. Distract yourself for awhile


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  • It's very tough. On one hand, I am like you, I just love closure to help my own process of dealing with it all
    But in this case, he sounds purely an asshole, In honesty I don't think he would even reply, probably just smile at your sms because it shows him that your still thinking about him and boost his ego.
    I think you have it right why he disappeared, so bullet dodged

    • Yes. That's very true. However I wonder if maybe he felt so ashamed in trying to make me do something I wasn't comfortable with so he just left instead of confronting himself? Or maybe he just wanted to boost his ego. It's just weird to me that he said he's liked me for at least 3 years or so yet was with another girl at the time. I know he thought about me when he was with her. But how can someone claim they've liked someone and then disappear because of one stupid little rejection? I think someday I will ask him that. It will always bother me. I know there were other reasons because we were fine each night and day up until that moment. Course, I had no idea with me saying no he would leave.

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  • I know how you feel, been there. But if you text him, you'll only feed his ego and later be filled with regret. my advice would be not to text him however hard it maybe. he sounds like a douch who's just not good for you.


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