Hey gagers... Why do couples breakup when they have a miscarriage? why do women start seeing other men after that? why can't they stay together?

So when a couple have a miscarriage i always hear about the couple breaking up... is it always the guys fault? why do they breakup? why can't they stay together and go through the pain together?

And why do women start seeing other men?


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  • Seems like it might be such a heartbreak it makes the couple think that it's some sort of sign they cannot reproduce with each other? Unless the couple are married, really they have no obligation to try to work it out.


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  • Everyone grieves different.

    • So that means having a miscarriage can be life alternating? it can destroy your relationship?

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    • Nahh... i am not married or something.. But thanks anyways.. :)

      You know i am young and i was thinking why this happens.. And i was just scared what will happen if this situation happens with me... i saw a recent post about a guy complaining about his ex gf having a miscarriage... And shit breaking lose... but it all made sense when he told what type of girl he was dating... So its all good now.. :)

    • Ok cool. And like I said, it all had to do with how different people grieve. Not everyone deals with loss the same way

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