Would you help an ex you just broke up with?

Well we never made it to the relationship part, I hooked up with a coworker & had to drop him when I found out he was still with his girlfriend.

Yesterday morning was our big fall out & I told him to never contact me again. I told him this a few months back, but he's very persistent. Today, I was leaving the gym that we have at the facility, when I noticed his car was on flat. I stopped & asked him what happened, did he need help, but he just seemed bothered that I was trying to help. He said AAA was on the way, so I left.

That's just the type of person I am, if you need help, I'll help, even though I still don't want to be with you. Was that too soon, should I had not said anything at all?
Was that too soon, should I had not said anything at all, since we weren't on speaking terms?


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  • Not sure why this "friend" became so involved with his sexual life. Friendship isn't an a hall pass to invade someones people's personal business or relationship issues. If they have had a healthy relationship, she would have established these boundaries with this "friend" Regardless if either of them are doing anything wrong. Its none of her business.

    in my opinion.. i would be more concerned with her intentions. People have cynical plots when they see people in relationships

    • I'm confused, there isn't a friend involved, its just between me & a coworker. Should I not had asked him was he ok?

    • Sorry for some reason my response went the wrong post. I did read yours though.. you did the right thing. Being humble and kind is the sexiest factor any human being can have. In fact.. a girl did this for me once at a gas station.. and it made me think. So im sure its in his head now. High five.

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  • You should have not interfered.

    • Could you explain why?

    • No. Just don't do it again.

    • Are you trolling or do you believe it was wrong for me to ask him was he alright?

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