Why do SOME PEOPLE still like their ex?

how do u block people from ur opinions.


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  • Because when you break up with someone feelings take a while to disappear. You are talking like we all have a switch on the side of our head and all we have to do is flick the switch well it is not like that. Feelings for someone disappear over time not instantly.

    • pff then why did u break up.

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    • then why not cut losses or get wit it. 1 nite stand!

    • You know what stuff it. Your behaviour sucks. There is no point me wasting my time with you. I was only trying to help you and you reply back to me with a rude response and act immature.

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  • because it is not,
    just because a rose's thorn causes you to bleed does not mean you don't like it anymore, you will stay away sure; but the reason you liked the rose in the first place is still there right?

    • k so u saying that its aight to like ur ex?

    • of course
      i mean if the reason i liked them before is still there then yes i will still like them. Not approach them or contact them or be in love or anything, but there charm will still have its place in my mind

    • kk. thanks.

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  • I find your statement extremely wrong. It's not easy to break up with someone you had or have feelings for. It's not always a personal decision.

    • u still like yours?

    • no because I wasn't in love and was not in tons of relationship but it was not easy at first.
      But I've witnessed it with some friends and I saw how hard it can be.
      It's not easy to recover from a four years relationship when you lived with a man, a friend lived that, so no, I don't think it's "easy"

    • kk thanks.

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