How to stop thinking about my ex?

He broke up with me 1 month ago and the last time I talked to him was on 3/6 and he told me he loved me a lot and missed me and wanted to come see me but he lied and never came so I text him to tell him how I felt and that he would never hear from me again and he text me 2 days later saying he is sick of being a tool and I told him that I would walk away from it all and that was on 3/11 he never responded.

I can't stop thinking about him because every time I start to feel better I hear from him. He seems to enjoy playing mind games with me.

I don't know how to stop thinking about him, I still feel hurt.


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  • There is nothing you can do because it is time that will make you forget him.


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  • Find someone new.


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  • Porn will help


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