I still love my son's father.. but im having trouble moving on. I feel alone & empty. Please help?

Its been over a month since my son's father left us.. but im still having trouble moving on & letting go. The other day he tells me his gf want to have his baby & he said yes. But he's not here for the child he has now. We planned this baby & he left when i really needed him. I took my son to go see him. He was telling me how i was his first love, that he still love me, he till miss me, he miss the good times we had, he miss the sex, he worry about me all the time & that he still think about me.. then he hugs me & kiss me & tell me he didn't realize how much he missed me til we broke up. Then the other day he said he miss everything about me. I feel bad because he's telling me all these things but is with someone else. Ever since he got into a new relationship it's like we don't matter. he's not here for my son, he doesn't call to see if he's okay, he barely see him & there were times where i needed him to come to the emergency room for our son & he had no interest in being there. she's the only person he care about. Everyday im crying because i really miss my family. Everything was good besides the arguing. It was something we could've worked out but i know he really left because he wanted someone else.. i keep telling myself that we deserve better. I try talking to other guys so i can move on but it makes me feel so uncomfortable. I know there's a lot of fish in the sea but he's the person i really want to be with. I did everything i could to make him happy, i even tried to pay for couple therapy so we can make this work. But it seem like he just used me & i thought he really loved me. He moved on so fast! I can't eat or sleep because of how bad i feel. I didn't deserve this & my son didn't either. I miss him all the time. He was the only person that my family knew. My family loved hum & we had so much good memories. This whole situation is breaking my heart & i dont know what else to do. I really loved him & i just want my family back. Im going through this alone...


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  • Yeah, that'll take a while.

    • What will take a while?

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    • No.. im not in a support group.. im actually just going through this alone! & im trying to get over it but its really hard for me

    • Time to hit up your local hospital and ask for a social worker. They have tons of resources available to help you out and get you into the loving and caring hands and groups you need to get through this. That's what they are there for.

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