Help, how can I get her back?

Okay i will try tho make this as short as possible. thanks for taking your time reading this post.

I recently broke up with my GF ( last Wednesday ) The reason why we broke up was because I woke up late and i did not respond to her Texts like i usually do. so she was worried. she doubted and said " I don't believe you go to school " you never show me anything ". Me and Her met on May 21st 2013 and we fell in love to the point we would argue but then make up it and we had the best relationship. until December 2013 i decided to tell her something about my past that still hunts me up to date and for the same reason why i did not tell her my real age ( i told her i was 24 but really i was 22 ) then i told her about other things and why i kept that a secret. we did not talk for a week and she forgave me and we decided to move on. now eveything i do she thinks i hide something in it. i know i made mistakes in the past but i try to resolve them. and know it's definitive that we broke up and we have not seen each other for some days. i can't live without and her and i do not want to loose her. and i know she feels the same for me. what can i do to make her feel better? she has been ignoring my calls and my messages and she said we will talk when i am ready. days are painful and i wish i can see her and tell her i love her so much.


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  • Let her go, I know it hurts but let her go. It may have not bee, n meant to be, if it is, it will find a way. But right now you need to heal, and help yourself. Find someone who can accept your past and not hold it against you, or doubt you for what you can't change. It will be hard, and very very very challenging but when you find that one, it will be worth it, I promise.

  • respect her space and wait until she decides she's ready (trust me you backing away for a bit she will start to miss you too) once she's ready to talk, lay it all on the table, address the insecurity issues and ask her what can you do to help build this trust again. honestly the white lies you told don't seem all that bad, but i understand her stance, even if you lie about something small what are the chances you can lie about something big too. anyway... you both have to make a unanimous decision to work on building trust, if not there's no point in being with someone if you can't trust them, even if you love them, as long as you know you tried your best to win back her trust, you won't ever be able to say you didn't at least try.


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