How do you stop loving someone who has already moved on?

I've looked everywhere for a solution. Nothing seems to be working. I've given it time and I've tried seeing others. It was an online relationship so it's not like I ever see him. Not a single thing I'm doing helps. Please help me. I'd really appreciate it.


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  • Look at it this way: whatever the two of you had, no one can take that away from you. It's yours to hold on to. The fact that it didn't last forever doesn't in any way diminish how real it was, and is. You can let go of trying to stop loving him, and just let those feelings play themselves out. You love him; let it be. Keep loving him. The trick is to juggle that feeling with moving forward. Love him while you branch out, and eventually you will sort of start to outgrow it.

    • Amazing advice 👍👍👍
      You will not hear it better anywhere

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  • Hey hotty 😊 I can really understand you cause these things are friendly to me so I want you to be with people who loves you n understand you n be happy with them 😊


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