How can I get my ex boyfriend back or make things right/have another chance? What do I do?

So we've been together for about 2 years. We broke up less than a month ago. I'm the one who broke up with him.
This started when we ignored each other for a day and later on he asked me if we were done because he didn't care anymore and I got upset and was like yeah if you don't care then we're done. So later that day I apologized and wanted him back and we were together again. Next day he wanted to be with me and I was like sure only if you actually want me to be with you since you ignored me and he said you ignored me too so it goes both ways and we argued a bitbit and to end it off we broke up again. Later that night I apologized again and begged him to want me back and he fell asleep on me and I texted him all day the next day and he didn't want me anymore. He said I turned his heart cold and he didn't care about anything.
But before all this happened, the last few months I've just been getting attitudes towards him over stupid stuff and no reasons. I don't know why, I love him to death. We''ve been arguing more but not every day. We do love each other... Well did and couldn't see our lives without each other. We had plans for the future and everything. We were past that honeymoon phase already in young love.
I admit I did act like a bitch to him and I told him I'd change everything if we were back together. I'd show him more affection like kissing (we didn't do that much because people would tease me about pda and I felt self conscious) I'd prefer in private but before we broke up I was trying to be more affectionate and loving towards him and go on more dates because it's been a couple months since we've been on one but we see each other everyday because school. I was planning on taking him on a date.
He was telling me he only loves me enough to let me go but not enough to keep me. He wants me to hate him but he wants to say hi but he doesn't cause he thinks I hate him. I don't understand. He also says I deserve better but I know he means himself.
He's not looking for a relationship right now. I believe he hates me but he tells me he doesn't. He looks at me sometimes and we made eye contact once and got butterflies in my stomach. He ignores me and doesn't talk to me. Since we broke up we've only had 3 conversations through text. I dream about him a lot and I do miss him and love him a lot. He was my bestest friend ever. We talked and texted everyday all the time. We had a great relationship when we didn't argue or when I got attitudes.
He's a big sweet heart and has an awesome personality. That's why we liked each other. We fell in love with each other's hearts and personality way more than looks.
But he got over me real quick and doesn't talk to me. The day before he was telling me how he'd always fight for me and my attitude makes him work harder. But he gave up and I don't blame him. He's hurt I know and I apologized so much.


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  • That's what you get. Next time, don't go carelessly dumping someone if you're not sure it's what the hell you want.


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