How do guys like us girls break up with them?

because I asked due the fact I broke up with my bf now ex and at the time he got super depressed and he didn't talk keep to himself we were friends for over 10 years strong and having relationship ruined it but it was his fault because I warned him too he didn't listen and now he suffers the hell now

so what's your thoughts when we break up with you guys like what goes through your head?
srry my heads messed up I can't think straight srry I ment how do you guys feel when us girls break up with you?
plus im 6 months pregnant with twins too now


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  • His Hell will pass. Sometimes guys act like this hoping to get you to go back with them out if pity. Regardless, you warned him, he continued, you're done. You can't let him guilt you.


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  • The best way would be to sit us down and say I'm sorry but this isn't gonna work. You are not my true love.
    Just don't drag us on a long breakup or just text us "were through".
    Get us in person and get it over with gently but fast. Like a band-aid

    • that's a good one

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    • Gotcha. Yeah sounds like your doin things right. Just get to know him and see if he'd make a good husband/father

    • that's the goal

  • "How do guys like us girls break up with them?"
    Doesn't make sense, did you mean:
    'How do guys like us girls to break up with them?'
    How someone likes to be dumped.. they don't.
    can't really make it easier.


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