Getting Ex back?

I was her first everything we dated for a year. Both about to graduate highschool. I never had a problem with her not showing enough love and effort for me. She always did everything for me, and she loved doing it. 2 weeks ago she broke up with me & I have barley talked to her. Thing is she will respond to any text I send, relatipnship wise or anything else. I have shown her I can live without her and go out with friends but in reality I do want to be with her. she's been trying to get my attention, making me jealous, being cold then nice, then cold. I'm not sure what she wants anymore but any tips on how i can make her miss me?


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  • If she's the reason behind break-up, She won't miss you. You could make her miss you but just don't giving her attention AT ALL. But she'd leave you forever for this.


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