Does my ex bofriend still love me?

so recently me and my boyfriend have broken up he broke up with me through text and obviously that really hurt me. So i said to him that i really love him and that i promise to be a better girlfriend but he said not right now as i have gcse's so i said i am willing to wait for him. he still gives me hugs if i am upset or if i need a hug. But the fact that me and him had done things that i have never done with a guy before makes mine and his bond special in my opinion. also when i try and ask him if he loves me or anything similar he says he doesn't know which upsets me as i just really really love him and want to be with him for a long time because he is very important to me. so please help me sshould ii wait for him after his gcse's or not because he really is my world right now so i just need help and advice thank you


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  • Yes, do wait after the GCSE's, give him space, from time to time talk to him, ask if he is okay etc but dont have a long conversation. You should wait, see if you can't go 2 days without talking to him. if you can that means he ain't everything to you, if you can't then you have obsessed about him or you fell in love, remember you are young to be in love with him, there are plenty of boys that will you feel like that.


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