GUYS How would you break up with your girlfriend?

Guys if you are ready to end a relationship do you just out right ignore her by not responding to her or just say it's over. I asked my boyfriend is him ignoring me his way of breaking up with me but ( no response) and before I asked him did he ebt to break up with me ( no response) before all this he was saying he was busy nd tired after work as to being his reason as to why he hasn't been giving me time after moving out of state. I don't know what to do or think. What do you think? Should I start no contact? I love him but I'm tired of bein forgotten , do you think he still loves me or doesn't want to break up. He is the kind of guy that says how he feels as to if he wanted to end things but I don't know


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  • I've done I before and it's a sucky process. What I did was that I was honest, layed out my reasoning like a 5 paragraph essay. Ands all you can do, not sugar coat it and say your reasoning. It sucks fr both sides, but obviously it has to be done if it's on your mind.

    • I want to know if he wants to end things with me based on the info above because I've sked him if he wanted to break up and if his ignoring me was his way of breaking up but he didn't respond and I can see that he read it. We both have said several times we don't want to be without each other , nd we don't want to see each other with anyone else

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