When a girl has dumped a guy, but was slightly unsure... how long does it normally take for her to think again?

I know, with guys being the dumper, they have massive doubts when their options run out lol and are likely to reach out then..
But with girls, when it's a border line decision, how long until you might think you got it wrong?


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  • mmmmmm this is a really difficult question! Basically if she dumped you but wasn't sure she is now probably weighing up her options - that is she will be thinking do i miss him, depending on what you did together and whether that reminds her of you is the key ! for example if every Sunday you went to the park and she happens to pass that park she will always think of you and that will remind her of what she is missing. Whatever you do - do not get in contact with her - she needs to miss you to realise she has made a mistake. if she says she is unsure then i believe she truly is unsure - give her about a month... also be prepared for her to date other men realise she has made a mistake and want you back - thats also pretty normal for us girls i'm afraid !!!

    • Thanks, this question does not related directly to me.. I have just always wished to ask it :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Twenty minutes.


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