People... How do I break up with an emotionally sensitive guy?

So, we have dated for 7 months now. We both loved each other so much that we decided to marry by 24 or 25. But, later he got a job and had to go to another state and that's when the bubble popped. That's when i realized that i was not that happy with him. The things that i used to like in him are the things that are bugging me now. So, i finally made my mind and broke up with him. He initially was okay with it, but later changed his mind and asked me for one last chance to make things work again. He also threatened me that he'd literally kill himself if i dump him. So, not left with any other option, I said yes to him (again) and calmed him down. I know that i just made things more complicated for myself but... i am not that heartless to see a person cry like a baby for you and not give a shit. So, finals are in a week and also i don't want him to get distracted at this point. So, what do i do now? should i break up with him now or later? if so how?
  • Just breakup with him... ASAP.
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  • Break up with him after finals.
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  • wait till after finals after that let him know how you feel and if he can't convince you to stay and does nothing but beg break up with him even if he says he will kill himself tell him you're sorry even if you're not and move on.

    • My finals are gonna end on 28 days from now. Somehow i have to manage till then. and then i just have to get myself out of this situation... thanks a lot! :-)

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  • I think you and this guy need to sit down and have a long chat. He can't put you in the situation that your choices will be his life or death.
    I think he might need to talk to someone, if he's serious about ending his life
    If he loved you, he wouldn't do that to you.


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