Loving man, turned cold hearted, mixed signals or reading to far into it?

I'd been with my guy for nearly two years. We were like two peas in a pod! We would laugh together, we'd go on adventures, we had the time of our lives. But then, a little under a month ago he dropped the bomb, that he wanted to break up. I was shocked! I knew I could totally be a bitch at time, I own up to that and take FULL responsibility for my mis actions. From time to time he would even tell me that sometimes he pissed me off on purpose because he thought it was funny. I of course, totally cought off guard asked if it was about another girl, he said no and that he wasn't intrested in that right now and that he needs to think about things, then I asked if it was because he wasn't attracted to me anymore, and he again said no, and that he thinks I'm beautiful. We hugged and he left. A couple of days later he came over to talk, we made plans to hangout, and he told me he loves me as a person and thinks Im amazing. A couple days past and I realized I was no where near ready to see him so I sent him a text saying that it was too much too soon and he responded, agreeing. He hasn't even texted me asking for his stuff back, and I still have a key to his car. We got together last week, we talked in his car for about 45 minutes. I apologized for the way I would occasionally act and he accepted my apology (it almost looked like he was going to cry) then we sat and talked somemore. He isn't one that openly shares things about his life, even when we were dating I'd have to drag how his day went out of him, but when we talked he kept willingly sharing information about what he's been up and to all kinds of stuff. He even told me his ex tried to add him on Facebook and that he didn't accept it and he wouldn't get back together with her. We laughed and joked he said it was nice to talk to me, it was nice to see to me again. It seemed great, but it's been a week since that talk and he hasn't contacted me. I haven't tried contacting him. Is there hope we could get back together?


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  • I wouldn't continue talking unless he says he wants to work on the relationship, otherwise your just sitting around hoping all the conversation and interaction means something more, and he is just leaning on you for comfort and to nurse him through the breakup when he is the one that caused it. Be very assertive and tell him you aren't there to drag out a breakup and that he should only contact you if he wants to be in a reltionship and work on it. You'll just be hurting yourself more if you keep hoping he will change his mind at some point.

    • Thank you for yor answer! I'm just so confused, I want so badly to have this work out, and I just can't understand how he can turn his feelings for me off so easily. I feel like I'm over here drowning I'm sadness and he's out with his guy friends buying go karts. It's just hard for me to wrap my mind around it. I don't understand why it seems like he isn't sad. I don't know, I'm just lost about this whole thing.

    • You need to cut ties. He made a choice and you need to look after yourself. Don't give him the comfort you usually do because you aren't together anymore. Let him no that if there is no relationship then you are not in his life, otherwise he'll use you and take advantage.

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