How do boys think a girl feels after breaking her heart although she went through thick and thin with you?

Im in a relationship rn I always ask what are the needs and wants of my partner its always sex but suppose it is a matter where the two persons are virgins and one of them doesn't know if they want to give it up because they are afraid of losing their prized possession, suppose you love the person that much and they hurt you or cheat on you after giving you their all? Should girls or boys feel this way? Should we do these things to our partners? Here we would say that is a waste man's activity meaning its waste; doesn't make sense you do that to someone you love.


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  • i'm not really sure what this question is asking. All i can say is only lose your virginity if you are sure that you want to. Otherwise, you'll regret it and will have to live with that for the rest of your life. If your SO can't handle that then maybe they are not right for you.


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