Dumped/Dumpee.. who is better off 6 months down the line?

Just curious for every ones opinions.
If your the dumper your ego is boosted, but it leaves you with nothing else apart from memories.
As the dumpee, if you have handled it well, you have learnt from your weaknesses, improved yourself and came back as a stronger version down the line, hence why a lot of dumpers regain interest after a while..
I don't think with the right attitude being dumped is necessarily the worst thing ( initially it's tough obviously )


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  • Does it really matter who dumped who? Int the end you are both single and most likely learned a lesson, six months later so many things could be happening and sometimes the dumpee is better off and sometimes the dumped. Unless you are clinically depressed/ seriously damaged after being dumped I would say that most of the time its about the same


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  • Whoever was the least invested in the relationship is better off 6 months down the line.


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  • i believe the dumber one basically... hm..


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