So I'm starting to miss this girl I stopped talking to a couple months ago?

So this girl and I were pretty much dating from the end of August to end of November. She pretty much just fucked with me and played me. I was upset at first but I got over it but someone brought her up today. They were telling me that she's been asking about me and I'm starting to miss her. Like I kind of feel depressed now and I don't know what to do. I know I shouldn't miss her but I do. I haven't talked or dated someone since.


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  • You want what you don't have. If she was that bad to you why do you miss her? Do you miss her just because you're lonely?

    • It's not that I'm lonely. I just miss her and I shouldn't

    • You'll meet someone else ;)

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  • She sounds like bad news, unless you love to punish yourself, move on..
    Doubt you will find someone worse than her !!

  • Step 1. Build bridge.
    Step 2. Get over it.

    • Will do. Thanks for the advice man. You helped a lot

    • No problem!

  • Oh well? --


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