My ex what to do?

I was n a bad situation so I had to moved into my ex best friend. My ex comes over and bring his gf over and comes into my room and my other friends. He carries her into room on his back. I told I didn't want to meet her, and that it seems like he was trying to make me jealous. I told him don't make me laugh I look good but he says her butt is bigger. But he said he wasn't trying to hurt me but then after that he sits this other female friend n his lap in front of me and dance like her twerking and he was all behind her super close to me. While I was playing with her daughter and kept calling my name for stupid questions. And I asked his friend and they said he has always been over flirtatious but its grossing me out, what should i do? And did he do thus because he knows seeing his gf upset me?


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  • He's a cruel person. Go out somewhere if he shows up. Don't sit there and let those idiots hurt you like that. Karma will get him. Trust me!


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