Is it normal to feel a little jealous over an ex even though we've both moved on?

It's been almost a year since we ended things between, we've made peace with it and ended on a pretty good note. We're both seeing new people but we've remained friends, we even tell each other about the new people we're seeing.

I'm happy he's happy but sometimes I can't feel just a little jealous.


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  • In my book, it's a sign that you have yet to move on from him entirely; residual feelings.

    Or, perhaps you are not satisfied completely with being a friend only to him or, and with the new person you are seeing.

    Any of these reasons, coupled with the fact that he seems quite satisfied, could be the cause of your jealousy.


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  • I'm very territorial and I know when I have deep history with someone, I do get jealous seeing them with someone else


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  • That's your investment just walkin around with someone else, yea it's normal. all those back rubs and slaving over a hot stove for him gone to waste. it'll pass though, focus on the new


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