Is it normal to feel territorial over an ex every now and then?

It's been almost a year since we ended things but we left off on a good note and have remained friends. We're both seeing new people and sometimes we even tell each other about the new people we're seeing.

I'm happy he's happy but sometimes I can't help to feel just a little jealous.


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  • It's completely normal, so don't worry too much about it. Of course you should try your best not to let it affect your friendship, but you should accept those feelings and allow yourself to feel them. Talk to your ex about these feelings from time to time if you can (it depends on how close you are and how mature he can be about it) or find others close to you who can help you deal with them.


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  • I did for awhile even tho we ended on bad terms. He was my friend before anything and I'm very territorial over my friends. But I've since gotten over it.


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