How do I get my boyfriend to see that his best "girl" friend has got a personal vendetta against me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now, he has this girl who use to be his best friend but they have drifted apart when I came into his life, this was mostly due to the fact that she has always had a crush on him (still does) but he didn't reciprocate. I knew her even before I had met my boyfriend and since the start she has been at my back, tried creating scandals of sorts about me and my ex bf. and now she has started doing the same thing by making up stories bout me and my ex to my bf.

she even tries to get in with his family, braging about how close she is with his mum to our group of friends which really does undermine me as people are starting to get the picture that his mum likes her more than me..

Even though me and her had a past, I had tried putting it all behind me when I met my bf, and tried to make an effort to like her, but all she has ever done is make me look bad in front of him and his family, this mostly because I am a real quiet person in general, and she is the total opposite, so when she is around she make me seem like an arrogant person for not making conversation.

like I said before, I have tried to make an effort to like her at the start but each time she does something to make me feel so bad that I have now not only started disliking her, but also hating her. you may think this is my insecurity, but it is not, because I can ensure you that I know for a fact my boyfriend loves me very much so I am not worried that she is gonna steal him away, my concern is that her being around not only undermines me but it has also started hurting me when she starts making stories up about me.

i have tried explaining it to my boyfriend but all he keeps on telling me is that she is his friend and hasn't done anything to him for him to stop being friends with her, I only wish he understands how much I feel disrespected. and he has also told her to stop treating me this way, but she doesn't seem to have listened to him

I am open to any suggestions i.e. ways to get rid of her without things getting ugly or even if I can makes things better without my boyfriend having to lose his friend as I really do care about him..

sorry for the long winded story,any input will be appreciated.
How do I get my boyfriend to see that his best "girl" friend has got a personal vendetta against me?
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