What could be the real reason my ex boyfriend dumped me?

We've been great for 5 months but I was out of town for a month so its 4 now , in the last month everything had changed and he dumped me without any convenient reason. What could be the possible reason for that?


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  • You know you have the right to ask him right?

    How can I possibly tell you why If I know nothing about you guys?

    • I Did... all he said was real fake reasons..

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  • My ex did the same thing to me, he broke up with me out of the blue about a year ago but never gave me any closure whatsoever. You can ask him and see if you can find any closure, if not I would just except what is and what isn't.


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  • If he truly cared about you, 1 month would be nothing, unless you did something.

    • Nope I didn't do anything but the whole thing is that I couldn't get a connection that time because I was on a vacation

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    • Since im not actually living there

    • Im not currently living there

  • Because you were gone.


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