Is it childish to try to get back at your ex?

My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago and this month is our 1 yr annieversary. He already has a new GF and he's cuddling with her on his Facebook cover. During the time I was trying to dump him he begged and pleaded for me to stay but I was done with him. He'd reach out to me even recently.. also he sent a friend request and then canceled it. I also know he stalks my page because he'll share posts from MY wall. So today I figured I'd be an asshole since he wants to message me and have him and his new chick on his cover. I posted a photo of this guy and I lounging next to each other. It's not a sexual picture like my ex but it's intimate and I posted a quote along with it. For what it's worth my ex is 23 and I'm 30.


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  • The answer is yes. Forget about the dude and just move on.


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  • He seems like quite the asshole to already have a new girlfriend just after 3 weeks and be flaunting it around. It's almost like he's trying to rub it in your face. And at 23 you like to believe that he is mature enough to handle certain things but the truth of the matter is not everyone is on the same level.

    I think you should just forget about him all together because it's not worth trying to get back at him, it's only going to cause you more tension.

    This is what I've learned: "In the end only three things matter... how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you".


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  • Yeah, it's pretty childish... I guess acting your shoe size is alright if the other party is doing the same. Life is short.


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