How can I get my ex back?

I have brkup frm my gf... she left me becoz one girl say to her to lev me, now she block me in fb, whatsapp etc, please help me to get her back... we were loved 2 years... now she didn't reply my text, she says me to forget her, she will not back... bt i really love her, i know she also love me because in the past she loves more than me, now she totally changed.. plzz help
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  • Im sorry but your spelling and grammar just didn't allow me to read any further.


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  • I believe the best way to get your ex back is by using a proven system. I know of a lot of people who have used methods that center around sending text messages to get back with their ex. In my opinion a good system needs to consist of, re-establishing a new image of yourself in your ex’s mind. Reconnecting with your ex and coming to terms with where your relationship sunk. Getting back together. You usually can’t find a good method like this without actually paying for one. I’ve taken the liberty to link a site that provides reviews on products like the ones mentioned above. HERE. I hope this helps,


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  • Dude tell me again why she left you.. because a girl order her to do so?

  • Brush up on spelling and punctuation, write her a sonnet.


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