Why is my ex acting like a totally different person, post break up?

In the two years I dated my ex he never used instagram, and he rarely went on Facebook. Since we've broken up, he's been on Facebook 24/7 and went from following one person on Instagram, me, to following everyone but me. Why has he gone from thinking all these things are stupid and pointless to spending basically all his time using them? I literally feel like the guy I dated died the day we broke up, and since then he's been totally different. What's with this? Please give actual opnions don't just tell me it doesn't matter or to move on. I'm just super confused/curious.


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  • One of the easiest way to meet women is online. Sounds like he's back in the game looking for a girl.

    • It's weird because I was the one that had to initiate a relationship with him in the first place, Because he isn't one to go out of his way to talk to people, he's pretty shy. And when I realized he was using Instagram, I hadn't been on in a while, all he was following is F1 racers and co workers.. So it's not even like he's following a bunch of girls. It's just super random. We haven't even been broken up for a month... Could he just be filling his time? Because we spent like everyday together, and now he has more free time.

  • i believe that he uses fb because he wants to find a hook-up basically!

    • I guess that's a possibility, we haven't even been broken up with for a month... So I think he just has a ton of free time now, because we went from spending all our time together, to not spending any time together. I don't know maybe it's just wishful thinking, because I love him and I don't want to think about him already looking for a rebound. Haha

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