Guys what hurts more?

You know you cheated on your last girlfriend and messed up really bad. But you sort off still have feelings for her and you guys have been together for two years. After two months of the breakup you see her at the same party. What hurts more
1- She treats you like a friend and just says hi with a smile as if nothing happened and continues her party without you
2- She completely ignores you with an annoyed and pained expression on her face while dancing with other guys
Has this ever happened to you? Would like shared experience :)
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  • If he cheated on you, he doesn't value your loyalty or you. He enjoys power. You being pained would actually probably please him more than knowing you're acting nice, but both will probably make him happy.


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  • I have never cheated but I've had a bad really bad break up after a long time of dating, she just completely ignored me after. Which hurt more then the break up.

  • I chose neither... Option 1 there is suppressed feelings and your just doing it to be nice.

    Option 2... again suppressed feelings obviously again it is just simply out in the open with this one.

    To me both would hurt simply because I was not mature enough to come clean at the time..

    I would ask her to talk and admit that I was a stupid ass and make amends. I would be clear though that I do not want to get back together, however, I would not want to leave it the way it is... suppressed!

  • I have no gf but if this happened I think first option will hurt because if it happened I will feel like wow she has a great hurt I messed her but she smiled at least I didn't great her first.

  • It sounds like you've set up a pretty specific "hypothetical" situation in your question, so... why don't YOU tell us how we would feel lol

  • Neither hurts "more".


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