How would you react if you bumped into your ex a month after a break up when it was a bad break up and they treated you badly?

My ex didn't treat me all that great.. he was rude to me, would start fights over nothing and then try to manipulate me.

He broke up with me last month because he thought one of my colleagues was flirting with me and he got angry when I said my colleague was not flirting. I told him even if my colleague was flirting it doesn't matter because I would never do anything, I'm committed to my boyfriend and it really doesn't matter. He's attractive too and gets hit on a lot by other girls and I told him that.. but it didn't bother me because I knew if I let it bother me it would ruin our relationship.

So he broke up with me anyway, through text, wouldn't respond to my phone calls and refused to speak to me. I was really hurt and upset but after a couple of weeks I knew it was best for me because he was a manipulative, childish jerk.

Yesterday I was at the same store as him and i walked right by him and ignored him. I didn't think we should speak especially after the way he broke up with me. but then he came over to me to sat hi... I didn't want to speak to him and i told him we didn't have to.. he said he'd like to at least be civil and say hi.. so I said "hi" and walked away. I heard him say "that was awkward"

Anyway I usually won't talk to exes after bad breakups... but what do you people do?
  • pretend I don't know him/her and completely ignore him/her
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  • Say "Hi" only if he/she crosses my path and i can't avoid it
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  • Say "hi" if he/she comes over to say hi
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  • go out of my way to say "hi" and make small talk
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  • tell him/her to fuck off
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Alright get this. My ex left me for some fuck boy on new years. I saw it coming so I was already making friends with this other chick but anyway her and her bf break up.

    She had some of my shit mostly comics and 3 months later she hits me up to give me stuff back. She takes me out to lunch and I pretend to be interested and smile make good eye contact and at the end of the date she asked me if wanted to hangout again and I said I have a girlfriend and it crushed her I could tell by the way her smile instantly dissolved. I had a fat ass grin on my face because it felt good smashing that bitch. Got her hopes up then fucked her over hard.

    But if he broke up with you and over text then ignored you he is a fat pussy and you did the right thing by snubing him. Good things happen to good people.

    Oh yeah and in the end of my story that girl I made friends with became my girlfriend and she is the best thing that ever happend to me and on top of being best gf she is a model too. I'm so lucky and happy.

    I hope you find a bad ass guy to be your boyfriend

    • Lol thank you... yeah unlike my ex I can't be fake so when I saw him I couldn't help but react the way I did...

      And your ex sounds like a total bitch lol good for you

    • Well I wasn't fake I just really am a nice guy and I was smiling a lot because seeing how into me she was made me happy and that made me even more likeable. She was trying so hard to win me back too lol. But she was a super gash.

      Good luck :p

    • Oh i didn't mean you were being fake, I meant I couldn't hide how I felt yesterday...

      And yes she sounds like an idiot and good for you! All the best with the new girl :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say ur the one who broke up with me, its ur loss, go fuck yourself. My ex was controlling, never hit me but grabbed ahold of me a couple times and it hurt. He would talk shit about me to his FAM, never defended me, I think that required a GFY. But you handled it well, You go girl!!!

    • haha

      this guy seemed like he was trying to control me. I hate those types.

    • I refused to lay down and take it. My bf now just gives me the silent treatment if he doesn't get his way.

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What Guys Said 6

  • Man fuck that guy! The way he treated you, I can't stand insecure people especially if you trust them! The least he can do is trust you back but there is always an excuse with them. People are going to cheat if they really want to; that's the way I see it. I would never cheat on anyone even if they called me names or were the worst girlfriend. That's just not me. You're better off.

    • That's exactly how I think.. and I tried to explain that to him.. that if someone wants to cheat there is nothing you can do about it.. whether you're in a relationship or not people are going to check you out, flirt and hit on you. And sometimes people are actually just being nice and they aren't even hitting on you.. but then people like him think everyone is always hitting on you. It's such a stupid and ignorant thing to think. I would never cheat either, even if someone wasn't treating me well, I'd wait until I knew the relationship was over for sure before pursuing anyone else.. I actually need months to myself before I'd consider dating anyone after a breakup.. I'm definitely better off ;)

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    • Just like you, she broke up with me as well. It's better this way, hopefully it goes well with you.

    • i hope so too :)
      thank u

  • Fuck that asshole anybody that treats me like shit gets cut ✂ off and the silent treatment til the end of days

  • I would part the room like Moses did the Red Sea and run like hell! hahaha

    • Hahaha

    • On a serious note... I would like just nod and not try to start any kind of conversation. They would not deserve the time or effort.

      You did exactly what I would have done! That's good that he said awkward... he earned the right to feel awkward the way he treated you.

    • lol I know that's what I'm thinking.. I'm glad I made him feel like an idiot..

  • Just ignore. I don't even know her once I broke up with her.

  • Say nothing, turn around and walk away


What Girls Said 7

  • Ha, me and my ex broke up a month ago and he treated me badly throughout the break up. We're kind of on better terms, though we keep arguing. We arranged to meet up a couple times but for some reason, I end up kicking off at him, I guess because I'm still really hurt. He seems keen on seeing me but it just never happens and I feel like he doesn't deserve to see my face - I haven't taken a new selfie in ages, probably for that reason.

    I don't think I would ignore him if he said hey (though I would do it just to get back at him for being so cold and heartless towards me, depends on my mood), but I most likely wouldn't say hi first, maybe in a year or so. I would most likely lay low and if he didn't notice me then I'd just carry on with what I was doing or purposely walk in view of him and see how he reacts. If I was looking really hot that day, then I would definitely try to get his attention and give the "LOOK WHAT YOU LOST!" attitude, haha. I guess the best revenge would be to approach them with a huge smile, coming across very happy and asking how they are, like it doesn't phase you.

    But I can't say until I was in the situation. The second time I saw my other ex, I ran away, hid and then left the club but he was the abusive one and seeing him brought back too many bad memories and I didn't want to get caught in his charm again. I also predicted it to be immensely awkward because we'd been arguing.

    I think what you did was fair! If you don't like talking to ex's after bad break-ups, then that's your way of living.

  • Just ignore him and act like he doesn't exist. My ex treated me badly to and cheated on me, led me on, played me etc. Act like you don't know him, like you don't even see him. If he does say hi, say hi back but that's all that you should say, no small talk. My ex says hi to me every now and then not everyday but once in a while and I say hi back but that's all I say, nothing else.

  • I mean, I'd say hi, but that's it. I would be clear if they start asking me questions and tell them that I'm not interested in speaking with them. Ex's are out of your life for a reason, unless I HAD to deal with them, I'd avoid them like the plague. Especially if we broke up on bad terms.

  • Just smile like you don't give a fuck and keep on walking by. If he tries to talk to you just ignore him

  • If I was in that situation, I would say "hi" and then walk away. Just be civil and get outta there!

  • Just ignore and show that he doesn't matter any more. His not worth it so don't get soft on him, his history so let it be.

  • I pretend I don't know them

    • That's what I was trying to do... but do they ever come up to you to say hi or make small talk?

    • its happened and I brush them off coldly. I treat them like a stranger I don't wanna be bothered by

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