Feeling sick to my stomach over this break up?

The guy I was with left me because of certain circumstances he's in which is understandable. But at the same time I wish these circumstances didn't exist because we were PERFECT for eachother that's what makes this hurt that much more. I don't think I'll ever find that connection with anyone else ever. I feel so sick to my stomach sometimes throughout the day because of this. It's been like 4 days since he left me. He's texted me a few times apologizing and saying he wishes things were different and that he wish he didn't hurt me. He says he loves me and cares about me but doesn't want to feel like he's a burden (girl he had a fling with before we got together just had a baby and it's his :( ). He says I mean so much to him and doesn't want me to ever feel like I have to compete with his time and attention because of the child. I'm just so heartbroken. If I would've taken a chance with him years ago this would've never happened. He wanted me for years and I always turned him down. If I didn't turn him down he would've never ended up sleeping with that girl, she would've never gotten knocked up by him and all would be perfect. The regret I feel is intense. Every time he does text me I respond with anger but it's my hurt talking. :( how do I cope...


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  • Time heals all wounds... you can do nothing... seems like you're so sad about that.. if he text you don't text back.. so you can forget him quickly.. every time you text back you'll hurt yourself more..


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