Make my ex boyfriend want to get back together?

So about a week and a half ago my boyfriend broke up with me by saying he "needed a break". Which is basically the universal code for breaking up I asked why the next day but he quickly changed the topic. a week later I was talking to a mutual friend (pretty much all our friends are mutual) and he asked me how I was doing with it I said I was okay but didn't go into much detail just that I missed him, he showed me a conversation he and my ex had the night before where he asked my ex the same question and he responded with 'it might not seem like it but I really care about her and love her...' My friend asked why he broke up with me then and he stopped answering...
My friend is having a quinceƱara in a few days and it'll be the first time he'll see me in a dress. He doesn't know many people who will be attending just the person the party's for and one other friend and me... We've still talked a bit because we were like best friends before we started going out but I feel like he'll be mainly talking to me and I wanna get back with him so much... And before you say it's probably personal problems I doubt it because whenever were depressed/stressed/anything we tell the other person and if it was something like that he would have at least told the friend he talked to a few days ago...

How can I get him back?


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  • You can't "make" anyone do anything no matter what it is. He is your ex why would you want him back? Let him be, move on with your life.


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