Wondering about my ex? (Please don't ask how we broke up or say he's an ex for a reason)?

We don't speak anymore and haven't ever since we broke up about a year ago, he's always seems to be keeping an eye on me. A good example would be a few days ago our groups in pe were mixed together for a giant fitness class and everyone was in groups of 4. We had to do series of things like push ups and sit ups etc for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds while your partner would do it and you would record their scores vise versa. He kept looking at me and seemed like he was trying to beat me at everything, I was doing sit ups as fast as I could and I saw him look over look back and then push as hard as he could to do more push ups then me.
he's always looking at me at me down corridors and etc
even though this might not be enough information to give a proper answer and all but do you think he's still interested?
If it helps in anyway he did break up with me and we did end on bad terms


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  • He could be trying to see how you are doing, and if you are okay with him after the breakup. Maybe he still wants to be friends?


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