Ex says she isn't ready to get back together, hot and cold?

So yeah.

My current ex I'm looking to get back with, we broke up pretty unfairly but we've been open to get back together, and I think I'm doing an okay job at working at it even nearly two years on - aside from that is, she's rather on and off with her feelings.

We talked about getting back together recently, and organized to meet up, that didn't happen as she wasn't feeling all too good, but I can't tell what's she's really looking for here.

She mentioned to a friend that she's "Just looking for friends at the moment, I'm not ready for a relationship" but she does know I like her, and I know she's not cat fishing just for my attention either.

I believe that all it will take is one meetup to catchup properly in person, meet face to face, and she'll then put the pieces in place to put in the effort to work on starting a fresh relationship.

What's there to do with a girl like this?


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  • I'm gonna be pretty honest. If I like a guy, or you are of importance in my life then I'm going to talk about you to my friends, and not tell them I'm just looking for friends. And maybe she was sick maybe she wasn't, just remember that things ended for a reason. Until you know that she's in it full heartedly. Until you meet up that's when you'll know whether you have something to pursue. But if there continues to be reasons why she can't meet up, then there's your answer right there.


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