Is he playing "cat 'n mouse" game on me?

after breakup about a month, i told my ex that i wanted to get him back. He replied on me, but they weren't the answers for my question. He called me "darling", so i thought we got back together. But after that few days, he sent me a message and said to me to stop messaging him. I felt so bad. I stopped messaging anything to him. But It wasn't the end yet.
A week later, he got sick. So i sent him a Facebook message care. He replied me:"hey, i just wanted to ask how are you these days? Everything's ok?"
Why? Why did he reply me like that? Is he kidding me? Is he playing hot' cold game on me? Or he missed me and he was truly care about me?
What should i do now? Should i ignore him and move on or try one more time to get him back?
no one has any idea in this situation?


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  • It seems like he only responded because you checked up when he was sick and who could be rude to that. If earlier on he told you stop texting him, then stop texting him. Keep him in the last


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