What should I do, I still love him but? I'm sorry this is so long :(?

On Monday a random girl came up to me I didn't know her, but she asked me were my bf still together and I said I don't know he wanted to take a break why do you ask? She replied with well because all weekend he's been texting me all this really sweet, flirty stuff and he said he likes me. Then she showed me the messages as proof. I was heartbroken. During lunch my next period I cried in the bathroom for pretty much the entire period until a friend came and took me to the guidance councilor, I talked to her but she didn't help at all. On my way of leaving gym my boyfriend pulled me aside and began an argument with me over a rumor a girl started saying he was cheating on me, so I told him to ask her then not me because I don't know what your talking about. Then he continued to argue. So eventually I asked him about the girl and he said yes I did say all those things to her and yes I am looking for another girl. That hurt the most hearing him say that. So I asked him what are we then? He replied with well I was going to wait till Friday to do it but.. So I replayed with so your breaking up with me? He replied by simply nodding his head with a hateful look on his face like he couldn't stand me. So I said alright.. and walked away. I'm still hurting very badly but he said it himself he didn't care about me. He's looking for another girl, and that he has been for a while.. I just wish he would've told me instead of leading me on for so long :'( I don't know what to do.


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  • You should leave him as there is no reson to deal with a guy who is looking for someone else. You should not cry as if the relationship will continue then you will get more attached to to him and if he break up then , you will be more heart. Have confidence and break up. After all , every thing happens for good.
    : ). Just smile you could desrve someone better than him.


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  • He's a total douchebag. He set the dramatic situation up to make it look more motivated. He sounds like a sociopath. Good riddance to him!


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