How does one help the healing process of getting over an ex?

I'm still now and again thinking about my ex. It's been 2 months since our break up and she got together with someone else 4 weeks after out breakup which I think hurt more but helped too. The thing is I don't want her back I just miss the comfort I guess. I'm currently working on myself and life is true ply going great probably better then then ever at the moment. All just to do with my outlook on life now. This sounds good and all, which it is although it's a slow process to love ones self I'm still having my ex pop on to my head which just gets annoying. It doesn't depress me just gives a form of comfort. I don't hate her and our breakup was very civil and calm. I just want to completely move on and stop being held up on the past. This will take time but it still bothers me as of now. Any advice much appreciated :)


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  • It has been only 2 months. Chances that you'll be even close to done healing is very very low so that is why you are still thinking of her. This is normal and natural. The mind and your heart needs lots of time to process things and you can expect to still sometimes think of her for a while. At least you are not getting depressed which is really amazing. My best advice is that you should perhaps wait a few more weeks and then consider getting back into the dating game. For me the best method of healing has always been and will probably always be getting someone else and "replacing" my feelings for a ex with someone new. I never fully move on till I meet someone new and fall in love again all over. So perhaps you are the same. It will be wise to expand your friend circle, meet new people and do more social things to not only boost your confidence more but to also up the chances of meeting a new girl and starting out again.


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  • Sleep with other women. It always helps

    • Yeah definitely will do that don't have a lot of options at the moment though mate haha

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    • Swipe yes to everyone then filterable ones that match you, easier and quicker :)

    • Haha thanks for the tip! :)

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  • honestly... having sex is the best way to get over someone. From the opinions of my guy friends. They feel like they are 'back in the game' . They force her out of their system. Throw anything she left away, no more photos of her. And they move on... sexually. Go have fun with the guys, and catch a pretty young thing to get your mind off of a bad break up. Have fun, she is. So dont let memories deny that to you.


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