Hard choices were made, lives were likely affected. Would you have done the same?

So my ex ended up dumping me for her best friend. Her best friend just so happened to be one of her bosses, and he was married.

A lot went down during Valetines weekend that I was privy to. Needless to say towards the end of our relationship she treated me pretty poorly even after my efforts of trying to comfort her and be there for her when her best friend decided he wanted to work things out with his wife. Well, he went behind his wife's back and began reaching out to my ex which eventually led to him finally choosing my ex for his wife.

Recently I finally decided to make the choice of reaching out to the man's ex and sharing the whole story with her and the course of events of what happened through my own perspective. I thought she had a right to know what was going on behind her back. What my ex and her husband did was not right. While they did finally hook up and despite my ex saying she never would and that she wasn't into him like that she was madly in love with the guy. They had an emotional affair for quite a long time even before I came into the picture, but it was what it was.

Telling his wife though caused her to lash out on him, and even report his relationship to the company they work for. Needless to say they have a no tolerance policy for managers dating employees in the work place. Outside of work friendships aren't even allowed. So they have likely been both fired.

Just about everyone agrees I made the right choice, but this is among friends and family as well as the wife. I don't necessarily think it was the right choice, but a necessary course of actions, and I most certainly do not think I made a wrong choice. While I still care for my ex, and she will likely never get that the abuse she put me through, and the games she played with me even if they were not intentional were not right. She did string me along for quite a bit of time after the relationship, but in hindsight I think she was just too weak
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  • I would have been a woman scorned so of course I would have reached out


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  • If nothing else man you gave the wife the missing pieces of her jumbled up puzzle. She now has closure. What she decided to do with the info you provided her with is on her and not you. Your cool , you did exactly what I would have done. No shame in trusting some one and being played , unless you go back for a second dose of it.


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  • You are in the right man. I'm sorry that happened to you, but know you did the right thing. That poor woman deserved to know, and you gave her that. You gave her closure, and you made sure that everything went right. As for what happened to the other guy and your es, they got what they deserved either way. He went behind his wife's back, and they had a relationship that wasn't tolerated in their work place. All is right, thanks to you


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