Guys, is it okay to ask ex to meet up? Please read the whole story?

So, we broke up almost 2 months ago and I already have accepted it that we're not together anymore but I still cry everytime I think about our past memories. I miss him so much

He broke up with me because of a message I sent to him. It said something like I want to know what he really sees of me so we won't waste each other's time, which I totally regret. I wanted to know where I stand exactly, and make it official. Yes we weren't official but were exclusive to each other.

Anyway, he said he wanted to end it because he doesn't want it to be long distance but at the same time, doesn't want me to wait for him until he returns here for good after his studies. He wants me to entertain other guys. He also says a lot of contradicting things. At first he said it was because of me, because we are not a match and compatible for each other. We match as friends, but not as partners. But later on said that it's not because of me, it's the distance and he just wanted to be alone. There's no other girl involved and he has no plans of looking for someone else too. He said he just wanted to stop seeing people.

My question is, would it be okay to ask him to meet up and talk about this even though it's been 2 months since the break up? I just want to clarify things. We broke up via phone message which I know is just prone to misunderstanding. Would this seem still clingy and desperate? Should I just leave it be and stop talking to him?

We were still very much okay during my birthday which was a month before we ended things. He sent me a guitar recording of him playing the guitar and said maybe someday he'd get the chance to sing happy birthday for me in person. But now, I suddenly feel he's pushing me away! I just don't understand :(


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  • No. Once and done. That's just life. The statistics are out there if you want to see them. Do what you want though and best of luck.

  • I've been in a long distance relationship love and I know it's very hard. I don't think that's clingy or weird of you at all. If you care about someone you wait for them. My ex and I agreed to try and move on and it's been almost a year but we always think about each other. In January her and I were talking and missed each other so I hopped on a flight to Chicago for one night just to have dinner and talk (I live in Jersey) and it's hard because we love each other but distance and relocating is hard. But you need to have those talks sometimes. Go for it, worst case scenario you get closure and do what you have to to move on. Good luck love. :)

    • It feels so nice to hear from someone who's in a similar situation, thank you :) in one year, did you guys still talk to each other? Or stopped all form of contact at all?

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    • I think he's confused honestly but it sounds like he's telling the truth. I know it sounds terrible but he may need go see you dating for him to realize that's not what he wants.

    • Thanks! I'll still try to confirm it with him when we meet up in a month :S

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