Is he tired of our relationship or what? He seems unhappy what should I do?

Ok he doesn't have a job. He has tried but gets turned down a lot. Got a job and quit because he didn't like it said pay wasn't enough but it was better than nnothing until he found something else. Instead of looking for a job he feather go to the gym and play poker every day. Doing what he wants is fine but what about needs first. He should be looking for a job. Seems like he's more concerned with his social life than taking care of business. He use to make sure we didn't need anything and had more drive. His lack of trying makes me feel like maybe he's not happy with us. He just always seems unhappy and I don't know if it's me or his lack of success right now. Lately he's always leaving and when he is there it seems like he doesn't want to. Stays out and plays poker til one or two o clock. Its making me unhappy. What should I do?


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  • You are your own person, and it sounds like you are becoming unhappy. I would try and tell him that you will be there for him and you support him BUT that you want a serious stable future. There won't be one the way you two are going, and just tell him that your there to support him but if he doesn't even try to then you need to reconsider this relationship. You shouldn't sacrifice your future with a stable partner if he doesn't have his shit together. He may need to grow up a bit and may need to be single to do so...


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  • Dump him, sweetie, he is only going to get worse and the older he gets, the Worse He will Get Because-------Doing what he wants is fine but what about needs first.
    He is this anchor who is bring ing you down to his sinking level and if you continue with him, you will only sink to the bottom with him. He is not interested in working and as long a he even has you as a life line or life boat, his Enabler, he doesn't feel he has to make any efforts or be a 'Success right now.'
    He is not happy with himself, happy with the both of you because he is in this routine rut in his life.
    You deserve better so while the year is still young, give Little Boy Blue a shove and a send off and tell him to blow his horn to someone Who------Stays out and plays poker til one or two.
    Good luck. xx

    • Lol laughing at little boy blue. I have seriously been thinking about moving on but then the love part comes in. I will not continue like this too much longer. Every time I say you need to look for a job he gets mad and says he's trying but he's not. His unhappiness is dragging me down. Its just that I'm trying to give him a chance to change things because even though he has been good to me in the past. It was times I had no income and he took care of me good.

    • Glad I could make you laugh with Little Boy Blue, however this Little Boy is someone who pulls on one' sheart strings, strings you along because he is allowed to be Ebabled to do so... You have given him many chances, however, I do not see him changing because he has never had the chance to Hit rock bottom. And with living with him, he will only bring you down further to the bottom of the sea and there is no happy ending in sight. Do some soul searching, it does only get worse. Maybe if you were to give him a Break and go some place for awhile, he would get off his high horse and go out and begin his beguine... there are temp agencies who would find him work, maybe Work force near you.. I know you love him but he is mistaking your love and kindness for weakness. xxoo

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  • do you live together?

    • Yes we do.

    • did you talk about that? if yes , what he said?

    • Just did. Asked him if he wanted this relationship. He said why would I ask that, he loves me more everyday loved me since senior year and its money we are just going through a ruff ststage so I can stop thinking that.

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  • Dumb him! Nah or try talking to him see what's going on with him open up to him and let him know your there for him but he has to get his shit together too just talk it through its the only way

    • So hard for me to tell him that for some reason.

    • Just do it don't let this bother you and tell him don't let things get worst just do it let the fear of telling him take over and tell him

    • Be supportive and I inspire him to do things right and tell him to not slack off just have rule for him he can do go have fun playing his games but you frost have to look for a job I don't know do something like that give him inspirations I guess

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