How to End Relationship without making him feel bad?

I'm in a relationship but I'm also crushing on several boys, two at my school and one at my afternoon program. I also have a boyfriend he goes to my afternoon program as well but he comes late and isn't in my class but my crush is and he is really quiet but there is a side of him only I see because I took the initiative to talk to him because he Is really quiet. I have grown to like him he makes me laugh ad I make him laugh. I am only in a relationship with my bf because when he asked I didn't want to make him feel bad but now its haunting me how do I end it without making he feel bad?


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  • He'll feel even worse if he finds out from someone else. Just let him know that you don't really have feelings for him and that you don't want to lead him on so you feel it's best that you go your separate ways.

    And just a friendly reminder, never enter a relationship with someone out of pity.


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  • Be honest. And tactful. It's going to suck either way, but it's the most respectful way of doing it.

  • tell him that his dick is too small =) shot to the heart lol
    actually , the way you will break up doesn't matter, because the final result is the same

  • Sometimes you just have to make a person feel bad.

    • Yeah You're probably right. Its worth a shot right.

    • Make it quick and get it over with. :)

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