Why pretends to want to be friends when you don't?

In situations of the heart, a break up but, one heart wants the relationship and the other don't but suggest to be friends when all you want to do is move on?

Or a friend you love or gave a thing for who doesn't feel the same but they suggest a friendship, when you know it'll be hard to maintain cause u want more? Un re quitted love I guess...

I don't get why most want that when secretly they just want to move on from the person. Out of sight out of mind...doesn't mean you hate them, but you can't be around them without loving them the way you want, yet you settle for friends. ..
OR for another example friends with benefits, but now you are no longer having those relations, one party cut it off, but you want more.. why do people torture themselves this way instead of just walking away ? Which in most cases is best solution for you of course


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  • Me and my gf broke up recently... We decided to be friends.. We go to college with each other.. Our classes is right across from each other.. I want her back and I know she does also.. I'm so frustrated that I rush out of my class so I just have to run into her. I go to the school library and hide in the back.. I don't go to the cafeteria no more.. I just don't want to see her...

    • I mean I rush out of class, so I don't run into her when she comes out.. I think for us to say we are friends is just a way to and us feel good

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    • Just move on,..

    • Lol that's what I'm doing

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  • Have you tried talking to this woman? What I'm hearing is a lot of assumptions. You just can't continue to think that everybody has these devious intentions against you, or are out to get you. A lot of the time there is misunderstandings. And sometimes people actually do enjoy someone else's company. Sincerely from soneone who is friends with a couple exes, because we didn't ignore them or shut them out. We listened to what they had they, instead of trying to decide for them how they feel


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