She's a leech

My ex (and the mother of my child) is a leech. She actually used me to get pregnant and then left only wanting the child support money. She's also a meth addict. I try to keep in contact with her because of the child. But the child lives with her grandmother on the mom's side. I don't even know when the last time the mom actually saw the child.

Her new man is super abusive and she sometimes calls me wanting me back after he's been arrested for beating the sh*t out of her. I hate her with a strong passion but, I'm always open to the idea of us getting back together.

As of right now though I haven't spoken to her in like 3 months (not since her boyfriend got out of jail). The grand mother keeps me vaguely updated on the child. What they don't know though is I'm considering filing for custody.

Is it wrong of me of wanting to take the child away and pretty much putting her through all the mental hell that she's put me through, because even though she's pawned the child off on the grandmother loosing all rights would still devastate her.
She's a leech
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