What to do with a second chance?

He recently took me back after I hurt him badly by saying he could break up with me. I know to tread carefully, but I don't know how to act. I can't be joking and carefree like I was before this because that'll be pretending that nothing went wrong. On the other hand addressing problems immediately after might be too much for him and he'll leave me again. I'm watching myself to never be hurtful. I'm just scared I'll mess up again. How do I take things slow? Do I still not message him? I can't act like before because I feel like that'll tell him that nothing has changed. If I do talk through our issues how long do I wait?


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  • Aww, :(
    I'd say do it when you feel it so its genuine. Don't wait to long tho... it's a hard discussion but it must be had.. either way you'll feel better. I'm sorry to hear of your hurt.

    It's weird I was reading your thread and I totally felt your pain a moment ago.. big hugs girl I hope it all work out.


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