What legal action can I take in this situation, please help?

My ex husband was granted unsupervise contanct with our daughter by the court. So he used to take her for 4 hours once a week at first. Then later about an year or so he got in touch with an mediator demanding contanct for overnight. I couldn't agree to this since our daughter is very young and she needs more gradual adjustment being around him in the first place. He lives with his girlfriend and her kids. I didn't want him to take my child around his girlfriend because I knew she would talk negatively towards my child and that he will not spend as much as time he gets with her and most of the time he'll just leave our child to his girlfriend. Although I had a huge deal of trust issues with him and his girlfriend, the court didn't take this in account and granted him the unsupervised contact. So as I said he got in touch with a mediator threatening me that if I refuse he'd be taking matters back to court. I met the mediator and to keep things smooth I agreed he could have her only for the whole day (thats 8hrs) but not overnight. Somehow he also agreed to this and now takes her for 8hrs long once a week. I made it clear with the mediator that he should not leave her alone to his girlfriend and should spend all the time he increased with our her, and the mediator strongly advised it to him. But still as I pressumed, I learnt that he does not spend all those times with her that he fought for. He leaves her to his women at least half of the time and he either sleeps or goes somewhere out. And that's not it, he allows his girlfriend to takes our child out to her parents house for few hours alone while he takes rest at home. As I was afraid, I learnt his women already had given my child negative comments and her family is just as bad as her, talking from experience! So what should I do?? What actions can I take for him not spending enough time with our child, especially when he made an increasement? And also about him leaving her to his girlfriend alone. Cont>
His got some good excuse of saying; he does that cause she get well along with his girlfriend and her children, as she plays with them. But is this a valid reason for him to not spend those times with her and leave her to his girlfriend alone?
My biggest problem is that I don't have any evidence to take it to court or social services. And him and his girlfriend is very cunning, manipulative peoples, they know how to pretend well and not get cought.


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  • if the negative feedback your daughter receives from his girlfriend and her family continues i beleive you should go back to court and try to make him unable to do that because its damaging to the child


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  • I believe you both need to go back to court. Go talk to social services, talk to a lawyer. He isn't keeping his end of the bargain, sweetie, and with this, one day could lead to the Wrong 'Girlfriend'(s) and... endangering the welfare of your child.
    You have every right to to do your own mediating now.. screw this mediocre 'Mediator,' he doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground.
    Good luck. xx


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  • contact a lawyer.


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