He's going and might not coming back, should I say something?

We are working in the same place since 2012. He doesn't have much friends so he always confide to me, plus it's hard for a guy to heart2heart with his guy friends.
We chat in phone everyday, i'm loud nonsense yakking, he's boring quiet but we dont mind. Obviously there's a mutual attraction, a few times he mustered up and say he loves me but always brushed off by me changing topics with jokes. He never press for it everytime.
Our working environment is getting more tense, a few times he went back to his country just to unwind, he doesn't need to come back but i believe he came back because of me, besides seeing this a stepping stone for him to establish himself.

This time its clearly far worst, i can't even stand the working politics myself, as i m getting distant with him and work too. I agree he should go away back home furthermore his visa permit is expiring.

But he told me he might not be coming back. I love him, i just never say it but i do care for him. I know he's hurt with the place and without any affirmation from me. I don't wanna lose him but don't want him to come back bear with the people just because of me. And who am i to ask him to stay? What should i do? I only have few weeks left.


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  • I think you should tell him how you feel about him because when he leaves you will forever regret not telling him. He obviously does love you but he may change the topic because he doesn't know if you feel the same way. Just talk to him in person and tell him how you feel who knows he may want to come back so he can be with you.

    • We sneak out of work a went for a day trip. We talk a lot. The closeness of the trip makes me freak out abit, like a cold feet or something. this entire stressful month he told me about his ex wanting him back, in this trip we talk more n his ex story came up too, i don't know whether he wanna ignite me to be aggressive about my feelings or he still has a lot of excess baggage with him. i don't know will this work out. He say he will come back, n he told me he already rejected his ex, but being the insecure me i always have a doubt. Never forget he will still go back n he might meet her.

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