What to do with my ex?

I have a question so I was dating my best friend and we broke up and I don't know if I should still talk too him or not
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What do I do


Most Helpful Guy

  • It sucks, but becoming your friend's gf and sleeping with them pretty much screws you over for the next relationship... especially if you re-friend that person.

    Most new bf's will be intimidated that your friend is still your friend after you had a relationship because there is always the fear of you both patching things up! They may say its okay, but it will always be there in the back of their mind.

    That's why it is best to keep your friends your friends.

    If you do start talking to him again... expect that any guy you date thereafter, once they find out you two were an item... will have doubts about entering a serious relationship with you. Its just a fact!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I did that with my best friend, and I broke up with him; it was awkward for a few months but now we're fine although we aren't as close as we used to be, however there's nothing wrong with just going back to friends!


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  • Go for it. At first it is going to be awkward since you guys once dated


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