He's left me waiting all day, do I still go out?

Basically my boyfriend text me today at 9 in the morning and told me he'd text me about going out with him later on...he was playing football.
I understand that but he text me at 3 in the afternoon saying hell be home soon and then well go out. About half three he rang and our plans ended up us just going to his.

its now gone five and he's still not home...I've waited around all day because he's not been texting me. Fair enough he was playing football but I've got an exam and prep for it tomorrow. So I said shall we leave it, he said he wanted to see me.

should I go round or am I being a bitch?
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  • Don't go stand him up now if you keep making time for his schedule he will treat you like a door mat and your relationship will fail.


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  • Pay back is a bitch so pay him back for ignoring you


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