Girls, what my ex girlfriend wants?

We recently broke up over silly issues. After breaking up.We went on a casual meet up. We had some fights and beat her up. She emotionally abuses me a lot. So we are not talking at all at this point of time. At first she blocked me on Whatsapp. Then after somedays she unblocks me and posts emotional statuses. I put some happy kind of status. She blocks me again. After some days unblocks me again and i am that way. Fact is that is disturbing me. It stops me from moving on.I still have feelings for her as we had a 2 and a half year relationship.I was her first live in boyfriend (we are from a conservative society and live in relationships are socially not acceptable although people do it). To make things worse she puts emotional statuses from the movies that we watched together.
She reads and rereads my messages as the seen on Facebook messenger changes.
The reason we broke up is that she was talking regularly with her office colleague who is 4 years older to her and unmarried stable guy late into the night.
The reason she gave me: I need a stable guy, I need to focus on my career so do you. I was sexually attracted to you there was nothing emotional. You treated me badly so i had to break up with you. Her family members don't like me as i am from a different race.She also said that the break up was a tough decision for me.She also wanted to be my friend and guide me but i refused.
So why does she keep her communication channels open as that is getting me curious.I love her and want her back.
Is this over yet or does this have more emotional drama left?
No contact since March 8 2015.
She read my Facebook Messages on 18th March 2015 twice and once on 19th March 2015. From Facebook Messenger seen.
What i have heard from one of her colleagues (she doesn't know that i know her that colleague) that she is now not responding that well to the new guy. She most of the times doesn't reply to his messages or takes time in replying to the messages.
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  • She wants you to see when she post sad things to get your attention but she doesn't like when you upload happy things. This lets me know she is still interested and probably trying to fight off her feelings for you

    • I wrote her a poem today saying that sorry would be very small a word. She immediately blocked me but read the whole poem.
      She has been transferred to a place where our relationship started. She is all alone and people there don't speak our language. Will she miss me madly and come back to me. She keeps putting happy pictures of her.

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