One day talking marriage, kids, getting a house. The next friends with benefits?

Girlfriend and I broke up about 3-4 weeks ago now, I was really upset. Went from everything being great (speaking of kids, marriage, house together etc), to a breakup. Biggest issue is my step daughter's mother coming around to see her daughter. We never spoke for a week after breakup, I did NC, then we went out to dinner. She said let's be friends at dinner, if I could handle that and nothing more.

2-3 days later she texts saying she had a hot dream of us in bed together. She brought up if we could be friends with benefits, if I could handle that. This should be ever man's fantasy right? Not when you're in love and care for her kids too. For the next four days we had a lot of benefits with extreme fun. Actually best intimate time we have shared.

Last four days since that amazing time together, she's gone cold again, like we are friends and nothing more. Last night I was invited over late, I was thinking okay here we go a night of benefits. I was wrong lol, which I do not mind cause I enjoy any kind of time spent with her. We just talked to about 2am, which I really do enjoy.

We are both in our early 40's and she's a very educated woman. I sometimes feel like she's trying to play with my mind being hot one minute cold the next. Is it easy for woman to go from a serious relationship to a friend's with benefits? Do you think she's just playing games or can woman just cut off their emotions and just keep it sexual?


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  • I don't think she is fully over you either. I think she doesn't want the extra stress that comes with the relationship but do want to keep you around.

    • Thank you for your response Moxygirl, I really appreciate it. When we start to get older we just want happiness with no issues. I have everything I would want in life, except the person I want by my side. I do want her to be the woman that I spend my life with, but she can be very complicated at times.

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